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We all want Kim to spend as much time as possible working on her next best-seller!

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To:  Andrea Brown Literary Agency, Inc.
2225 East Bayshore Road, Suite 200
Palo Alto, CA 94303

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Writing a book can be a long, lonely journey. Authors often work for years on just one book, then wait years to see it hit the shelves of bookstores. And the reality of the internet these days is that the negativity of trolls and bots is often louder than genuine fans. Authors regularly go back to their favorite reviews and fan letters for a “pep talk” to get them through the rough patches. That’s why few things brighten a writer’s day, and lift their spirits like a heartfelt message from one of their readers.

Not sure what to write Kim? 

Tell her about the moments in the story that you couldn’t put the book down, the ones that made you cry, made you laugh, or your favorite lines. Tell her why you loved or hated a character, what surprised you, or what it thrilled you to guess right. Tell her what you hope she’ll write next.

Kim is also a public speaker and regularly talks about the day-to-day realities that influence all her work. If you’ve been at one of these events and something she said affected you, tell her! Fan mail is for those times too.

Best of all, fan mail is a great place to ask an author questions as well. Kim does her best to answer and respond to fans, but often, when more than one person asks a question, she’ll share the answer with ALL the fans on the Q & A section of each book page so keep checking back to see if your question makes the list.

What are you waiting for? Get writing!

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Jennifer March Soloway

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Mary Pender

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